Top 10 most popular good movies of all time

Whether you are looking forward to good movies to rent or want to download the torrents of your favorite movies; You should always make the right choice. Here we bring for you the list of top ten favorite movies of all time that would make your time truly remarkable.

* The Exorcist -1973

If you love watching horror movies and you have a real passion for enjoying real terror, The Exorcist is worth watching for you. It revolves around the story of a child whose parents want to save his child from the supernatural power. The director, William Friedkin, has really made an effort to scare the viewer of the horror sensation.

* Before sunset -2004

Brings a sensational and deep combination of feelings of love and sadness; Richard Linklater’s film is just an ideal film to enjoy perfection. Close to reality and with a taste of sweetness with a touch of romance; The film can certainly be counted among the best films of the decade.

* Wild at Heart -1990

The movie seems old in 2010; but it’s still fun to watch if you’re really looking to enjoy the truth of romance. It’s the story of Sailor and Lula; who find a new world of excitement and joy after escaping their mother.

* Die Hard

Although there are many action movies in the city that make it into the list of good movies to watch; but Die Hard is the best action movie worth seeing. It can be counted as one of the absolute favorites, offering thrill, strength, bravery and the best fusion of feelings.

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* My best friend’s wedding

Julia Robert’s best acting performance came in this film, which is about her best friend’s wedding. It has romance and indulgence with an exciting mix of love feelings and emotions. It is certainly a great option to enjoy with your partner.

* The social network -2010

Directed by Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield; The film really shows the power of social media. It reveals the genius of a student who uses his intellectual abilities to change things.

* Brave Heart -1995

An all-time favorite action-thriller from Catherine McCormack and Sophie Marceau that pulls the viewer in by taking them into the true world of a man’s bravery and strength, which basically comes to light after the murder of his wife.

* Avatar-2009

The biggest release of 2010 reveals a new world of love and excitement. This animated film has won multiple awards for its unique and refreshing story. Worth seeing and enjoying with family.

* Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is the best Tom Hanks comedy that has you kneeling on your toes and holding your stomach. Enjoy it with your friends, your family or your partner on any occasion and do as you please.

* The unborn

This film is one of the best horror and most exciting films of all time. A real suspense with a great story.

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