Three Bollywood films that need an immediate remake

Remakes are the order of the day, and with the amount of money these films are making, it would only make sense for audiences to take some of the most memorable films from one of the grittier, more intense directors and turn them into a new one today. We look at the three films that would make interesting Bollywood remakes today.

Khuda Gawah

Khuda Gawah, the epic Bollywood film to end all epics was ahead of its time and unfortunately the audience failed to appreciate the film. Starring Amitabh Bachchan as a passionate and straight-forward Pathan who finds love and then gives it up for a promise to a policeman, the film stars Nagarjuna, Shilpa Shirodkar, Kiran Kumar, Danny Dengzonpa and Vikram Gokhale as some of the most outstanding characters of modern times. This was one of the first and only films shot in Afghanistan and did full justice to the beauty the place has to offer.

Khuda Gawah is not only famous for directing, but also for artistic direction and action sequences. The high octane climax is something that has rarely been seen in Bollywood films. In fact, the entire film is peppered with epic sequences. Danny Dengzonpa also played the best role of his career as the faithful Pathan’s assistant.


If you thought a flawed protagonist was something that came to Bollywood recently, think again. Gambler stars as Govinda as a police officer who discovers he has a terminal illness and has just days to live. The policeman is now worried about how his family will make ends meet after his death, but one day finds out that his family will make more money if he dies on duty. Now with a death wish to die on the job, the corrupt and cowardly cop faces off against some of the city’s biggest thugs.

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Of course, being a nineties movie it was found out that there was a mistake in the medical tests and therefore he’s alive and well, but that can definitely be twisted a bit to contribute to the dark and tongue-in-cheek movies who are making their presence felt in Bollywood today.

Appu Raja

Appu Raja isn’t necessarily a Bollywood film as it’s a South Side film directed by maestro Kamal Haasan, but it’s definitely one that can be remade in a jiffy. Appu Raja tells the story of twins whose father is killed by evil thugs and whose mother is poisoned. One of the boys is born with a deformity that makes him perfect for the circus, while another becomes a roadside Romeo. The deformed man finds out about his father’s killers and decides to kill them all one by one. While the concept is interesting, even the killing methods Appu chooses are a marvel. This script and screenplay is definitely something worthy of the graphics and technology available today.

These are our favorites when it comes to Bollywood movie remakes. which are yours Tell us in the comments section!

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