The Mini Cooper S and the big screen

Going to the movies has always been a haven for escapists from the mundane activities we wade through all the time. The hours we spend in the theater watching fast, intense, extreme and powerful movies offer entertainment that cannot be experienced anywhere else. We love the martial arts exhibitions. The protagonist’s kicking and stabbing against the evil embodied by foreign agents and countries. It always seems that the good guy wins when all seems lost. Another adrenaline rush comes from car chases. There are quite a few movies like this in film history that have us grabbing our armrests for relief. in theBullitt, with the late Steve McQueen, he takes his Mustang on a drive through San Francisco that would leave us seriously dizzy and afraid we might experience noise fits. Gene Hackman in The French Connection plows through the streets of New York, dodging all sorts of obstacles to continue his hunt for the antagonist. The wonderful editing in both films shows the dangers of what a person can do during times of high stress. If needed, could we do that?

In the last 25 years, the biggest and most complicated car chase has been on film, The Italian job. This film uses the Mini Cooper S in car chase scenes that will knock your socks off. Descending brick stairs, dashing off buildings and avoiding head-on collisions – there’s never a dull moment. The whole scene lasts just under fifteen minutes. You come out of this theater hoping to find a Mini Cooper S in your parking lot. Now wouldn’t that be funny?

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These Mini Coopers steal the show. According to, the Mini Cooper S was named the best movie car of all time. These small but powerful roadsters go everywhere The Italian Job. Flying through tunnels, dueling helicopters, speeding trains, and maneuvering down cobblestone stairs are just a few of the adventures they take part in. The only difference from the original film, which came out in 1969, is that the actors do many of the exciting stunts themselves.

The Mini Cooper S is the silent star of the picture and doesn’t get any star billing at all. But if you think about it, the story revolves around it and keeps the breakneck pace of the plot. Though there’s no speaking line in the script, the Mini Cooper S is the unsung star of an otherwise mediocre film.

Car chases have been popular since the 1990s Keystone Cops to Fast and Furious. There’s just something exciting about a car chase that gets the adrenaline pumping through your body and also gets you on the cinema screen.

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