The 7 best witch movies of all time

In researching my upcoming novel, I not only have to read everything I can about witchcraft, but every now and then I have to settle in and even watch a witch-based movie. I’ve compiled a list of my top 7 favorite witch movies below.

The Blair Witch Project – Top awards must go to this film! Even if you never see the witch in the film, she remains more terrifying than anyone else. This film created an illusion of truth through its marketing and presentation (shaky footage) that left some viewers shaking in their seats and others physically ill. No wonder it was the highest-grossing independent film of all time.

The Harry Potter films – Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a total Harry Potter freak. What kid didn’t dream of being a witch or wizard after seeing these movies?

Applied Sorcery – This is one of my favorite movies. I love all the crazy spells and the “signs” you see in the moon. Add in a little romance, kidnapping and murder and it makes for a great Saturday night!

The Witches of Eastwick – A classic! Three women accidentally discover their magical powers when they are seduced by the same devilish man. From sharing a man to taking back control of her life, it’s a fun movie to watch.

The craft – Take the new girl to school and throw her in with a group of misfit witches and it’s called The Breakfast Club meets The Witches of Eastwick. What’s not to like?

Beautiful creatures – Okay, I know it’s not for everyone, but I liked the whole idea of ​​a witch growing up and being claimed by the light or the dark based on her “true nature”. How many of us could pass such a test?

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dark shadows – Oh I can almost hear the moans coming from the peanut gallery but I’m honestly enjoying this movie. I love the idea of ​​a witch as a lover despised and out for revenge. It doesn’t hurt that the man in question is the always sexy Johnny Depp, but the general lesson is there. This will teach a man not to love her and leave her.

There you have it. My list of the best witch movies to watch over and over again. I don’t call it procrastination, I call it research. Who knew research could be so much fun?

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