The 10 best women’s films for a sexy movie night

Happy Valentines Day! Whether you already have a valentine or are still looking for one, this list of the best women’s movies will come in handy at some point.

In any relationship, you’re going to have those lazy and fun movie nights from time to time. The only problem, of course, is agreeing on a movie that you both will enjoy.

It’s crucial to stay away from the stereotypical “shoot ’em up” and “tearjerker” extremes and find a balance between the two. There are actually quite a number of movies that both men and women enjoy immensely and consistently feature on their favorites lists.

Top 5 Chick Flicks That Guys Like

  1. “In Her Shoes” (Contains a heavy dose of scantily clad Cameron Diaz throughout.)
  2. “When Harry met Sally…” (Actually, it’s a pretty good movie, and starring Billy Crystal in a romantic movie gives hope.)
  3. “Love Indeed” (Keira Knightley. If you need more motivation, there are also several nude scenes by other women.)
  4. “Lost in Translation” (Scarlett Johansson in all her curvaceous (albeit clothed) glory.)
  5. “Jerry Maguire” (Although cloaked in romance and high emotion, it’s still a sports agent!)

Top 5 Male Movies That Girls Like

  1. “Hi-Fi” (She’ll appreciate the underlying story about learning to love.)
  2. “Bull Durham” (She’ll appreciate it when the jock puts his lady before the sport.)
  3. “swingers” (She’ll appreciate the news that sometimes the nice guy really gets the girl.) li>
  4. “Extraterrestrial” (She’ll appreciate it when the leading lady kicks some serious alien’s ass and demonstrates female independence.)
  5. “Top Gun” (She’ll appreciate Tom Cruise in his pre-Scientology glory.)
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Pick any or all of these single genders best chick moviesand the two of you could end up making a special movie for yourself (or at least re-enact one of the steamy love scenes without the entire camera crew and director’s commentary).

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