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Movie fans’ opinions on who the greatest movie director of all time is vary from person to person. There’s a lot to be said about James Ford by Western Movie fans. Also, for thrilling movie buffs, Alfred Hitchcock is the go-to, but for sci-fi fans, perhaps George Lucas is the go-to. For others, George Cukor is the best, for art film fans, perhaps Akira Kurosawa or Ingmaar Bergman is the greatest.

All of these directors were limited to only one or two varieties. Additionally, none of the other directors have ventured into the realm of television series production to any significant extent.

Steven Spielberg’s work includes all types of films, from science fiction, adventure, war, horror, comedy to TV series. Consider his films in the Indiana Jones series, the four films in the series set box office records in their time, were considered seminal films and are great entertainers to boot. The series was deservedly voted one of the top five action films of all time.

His very first project as a director was Jaws, the film, based on a best-selling novel by Peter Benchley, was a classic horror story and broke box office records upon its release, it was also a “huge number of copycat films”. who wanted to take up the original film theme.

His film Jurassic Park, which produced dinosaurs digitally using digital technology that was newly developed at the time, was the groundbreaking film of its time and broke all records when it was first released. As a result, other films in the series also did respectable business.

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He also directed Saving Private Ryan, which won Best War Movie, adding another feather to his cap. He has deservedly won numerous awards and has outstanding performances from Tom Hanks and Matt Dillon. His TV series Band Of Brothers is based on World War II and is another of the great director’s outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment.

Also, his Oscar-winning film Schindler’s Arche is another great film on the subject of the Nazi persecution of Jews and their subsequent liberation by Oscar Schindler, a German industrialist.

His film Munich, based on Israeli retaliation for the Munich massacre of Israeli athletes by Arab terrorists, explores the themes of revenge, forgiveness, compassion for one’s enemies and was one of his more thoughtful films.

His film The Color Purple, about the experience of Negroes in America, is one of the best films ever, it’s inexplicable why it didn’t win an Oscar.

He also made a contribution to the science fiction film genre with his film ET, which was also voted one of the best children’s films. However, his film Minority Report is the ultimate sci-fi film and has been hailed as an ancient epic in sci-fi format. His other films, which explore the human condition, have also been major contributions to world cinema. His TV series Taken, which deals with the subject of alien abduction, has also won numerous admirers.

Given his extensive and high quality contributions to almost all types of films, he deserves to be considered the greatest film director in my humble opinion.

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