How to choose great action movies for a family movie night

Nothing is as fun as gathering the whole family around the couch, popped full, snacks on the coffee table and everyone hunkered down for family movie night. Well, most family movies tend to be animated or involve puppets, but for this upcoming movie night you’ve picked a fine selection of action movies to make the stress of the week just melt away!

wait what action movies? Are you serious? Sure, what’s wrong with a cool action movie that the whole family can enjoy, right? Well, therein lies the biggest problem with most action movies – they’re not very family friendly. The last thing you want to do is keep telling the kids to cover their eyes due to violence or more adult content, and you certainly don’t want to start a whole dialogue about using salty language. But action movies are so cool! In fact, why can’t they make these kinds of exciting films for everyone? It turns out they do.

Unfortunately, this banter won’t pay off if you were hoping for an actual list. You have to understand that every family is different and so the focus is really on you and your significant other and how you make decisions in your home. But before you jump straight into the latest jungle blow-up flick, or the best collateral damage for an entire big city drama, here are a few guidelines for choosing an appropriate film.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing an action movie for your family’s next movie night:

Know the age you work with – The MPAA has established guidelines for age and level of appropriate content in movies. Overall, it’s actually a really solid system to work with.

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Have a good grasp of how well your kids are engaging with certain content – Content here can be anything from speech and mature material to speech. It can also relate to how well your children can handle dramatic storylines without catharsis.

Animated or not? – It’s actually more for the parents. You want to see a movie, but do you want to see an animated film? There aren’t many options for family movies, but over the years filmmakers have tried to come up with some good jokes for mom and dad to help get them through multiple viewings.

Conduct online research and read reviews – There are general reviews to look at as well as entire websites dedicated to families looking for suitable movies for all ages. They are detailed and are great resources.

Is movie night at home or at the theater? – If you’re at home, you might play a little fast and loose with MPAA ratings, but if you’re in a movie theater, you might find that movie theaters are pretty serious about creating an environment that’s comfortable for all moviegoers . So if there is a family movie night this week, call the theater in advance to check the policy.

Action movies aren’t necessarily the usual choice for a family movie night, but there are movies that are just right for you. There will be a degree of compromise from all sides as it might not be the full representation of what an action-packed film can deliver, but remember what really matters most – you’re stuck together as a family.

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