Have you ever wondered how to buy that giant cinema display?

Commercial standups are usually never sold to the general public as they are for promotional purposes only.

However, there are private sellers who offer the opportunity to have any highly collectible film display available for purchase if you know where to look.

These types of displays, or more commonly known as stands, are generally made from thick, durable cardboard material and often come in several different pieces that can be assembled into a larger display. After all the pieces are assembled, the display can stand on its own with little or no additional support. With simpler models, they come as one big piece, but with the more complicated designs, many additional components have to be put together like a jigsaw puzzle before the final display can be presented to consumers. You will often see these prominently in theaters prior to a film’s release, to let the general public know what to expect before the film comes out.

Cinema displays range from a small table top or counter display to a very large theater lobby sized display and almost every other size and shape in between. Additionally, many current displays are not only extremely huge, but now incorporate many new gimmicks such as moving parts, 3D holograms, audio and video add-ons, flashy lighting, and even interactive components for moviegoers to enjoy. All of these things add up to a much more intense experience for the viewer who is mulling over whether or not to see the actual film.

Although a movie stand is often found in theater lobbies, they are beginning to appear in video rental stores, shopping malls, and even on the streets in front of retail stores. Of course, they also belong to special promotional events or film openings, but these special occasions usually only show them for a very limited time. Furthermore, these are not only limited to the film industry but also to the music industry. Many famous musicians have also featured in one of these displays as both the film and music industries play a large collaborative role in the entertainment industry. Because of this, you can now also find them in music stores or retail outlets.

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There is no doubt that owning a cool cinema display from your favorite movie is absolutely awesome. Imagine being able to display one of these movie cutouts in your bedroom, living room, office or even your own home theater room. The possibilities are vast and not only is it a great decorative piece to place a movie display in these locations, but they also make interesting conversation starters when hosting parties or gatherings in your home or office.

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