Did you have a good world when you died?

Jim Morrison, the Doors’ lead singer, asked the world this profound question. In his poetic recordings he asked; “Did you have a good world when you died, enough to base a movie on?” How prophetic to think that a film was being made based on Jim Morrison’s life. Oliver Stone’s film The Doors tells the story of Jim’s exciting and torturous life. Unfortunately Jim died young and was found dead in his bathtub while living in Paris of heart failure caused by drugs and alcohol. Jim had enough world to build a movie on. What about you?

This is a great question to ask yourself as you go through life. Think about it like you are writing an autobiography about a great person who left an impact on the world. Like all stories, there will be triumph and tragedy. There will be people whose lives you have positively influenced. No story would be complete without a protagonist out to harm you or make your life miserable, even though you realize that at times this was your own protagonist. The key point to ask yourself about your story is, “What’s the theme?”

In my story, I want to know that I helped shape the lives of my children in a positive way and that the people around me felt comfortable in my presence. I want to know that my books, speeches and writings have helped change someone’s life or stopped someone from committing suicide. I want to know that although I’ve often gone in the wrong direction, I got myself back on the right path and worked hard to make an impact on the world I lived in. I want to have seen the world and met people all over the world. I want to create connections and break down barriers between people, cultures and countries. I want to stop and enjoy the beauty of the world and help others find it too. My book or film should be a positive story that is more compelling than fiction.

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Think about your life and how it should read before you die. Then ask yourself the question; “What do I do now that this story happens?” “Am I striving to live life to the fullest, or am I just gliding through it?” You should ask yourself these questions every day to stay on course. You don’t have to cure cancer or build an empire to make your world a good movie. All you have to do is strive to do good to others and live your life according to what your passions call you to do. Make your film every day now. Constantly create new storylines, locations and characters for your film. Look for ways to keep making it better until the director yells cut.

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