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India is now becoming more and more popular with the advent of its high quality film productions. It seems that Hindi films try their best to be on par with the world. A best proof of this is the increasing demand for various language translations and subtitles to reach a worldwide audience. Perhaps because of its ability to evoke human emotions, people of different races are curious to learn more about how people in India live their lives. These Hindi films usually depict the reality of oppression and poverty in India. Gradually it shows how India has improved as a country and how these Hindi speaking people have been influenced by various political, religious and foreign factors.

Currently, India has the largest film production. And with this multitude of options to choose from, you probably want to see the best Hindi film just to know what the fad is about. Maybe, just maybe, you will love these Hindi movies too.

When you talk about the best, it’s pretty opinionated. What may be best for you may not be best for others. So, to systematically assess what the best Hindi film is, you can rank it based on the number of people who paid by seeing it in theaters. So here are the best Hindi movies of all time:

1SHOLAY (1975)

This can be considered as the highest grossing film in Bollywood, India’s film outfit. Directed by Ramesh Sippy, this film revolves around two sleazy criminals hired to catch a merciless bandit.

2. MUGHAL E AZAM (1960)

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This has an extravagant production and indeed it took long years to complete this film. This love story could very well be a version of the famous Romeo and Juliet as it revolves around a prince and a court dancer. And you can say it ended quite tragically too.


It’s an action film that’s a certified blockbuster. It shows that you would do whatever it takes, including rebelling against your parents, to find your true love and keep your family together. Bravery, wild passion and the power of love can be felt in this film.

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