Are movies better than books?

We love movies. We love them so much that we stand in line to pay high prices for films that aren’t very good. Films with above-average entertainment make headlines. Questions of this nature can often be answered by following the money. The implication here could be that movies do better given the high revenue they generate.

Of course, popularity often does not equal quality. Yes. I know. A blasphemous statement in the eyes of the Hollywood elite. To be fair, there were quality movies that were also very popular. You may remember some of these titles. But what about great books? Not the “literary classics” that you had to recite in school. Today’s great books flying off shelves or hogging bandwidth with eBook downloads. If you watch the movie and skip the book, what are you missing out on?

It’s a common argument among book readers; Was the movie better than the book? More often, readers’ greatest appreciation comes from a question: “Did the movie live up to the book?”

If your idea of ​​reading is no further than a cereal box or a slogan on a television sitcom, this may not be a topic that interests you. If you’re an avid reader, you probably formulate opinions about earlier books that were later made into films.

Movies inspire our imagination. Especially when they have great actors and even better directors. Can anything replace our own vast imagination? Certainly not.

Books are a great way to broaden our horizons and sometimes take us outside of our comfort zone. There are often hidden messages from some of the great authors to interpret. The really great books do what no other form of entertainment can do. They allow us to lose ourselves for hours in a form of pure escapism. Perhaps a great movie offers the same for some, but certainly not the length and depth of a great novel.

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Hollywood has tried and will continue to do its best to capture the emotion of a great story. But their task is, in my opinion, almost impossible. It is often said that imitation is the best form of flattery. Hollywood dedicates immense resources to emulating the entertainment found in a book. This is perhaps proof enough how much better a great book is even when compared to the best movie.

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